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Launching Iran-Europe Bioresonance Association


Launching Iran-Europe Bioresonance Association
Focused on Bioresonance Research - Amirkabir University of Technology Bioresonance Technology Research Laboratory in association with European specialists

The Amirkabir University of Technology’s Bioresonance Technology Research Laboratory will launch the Iran-Europe Bioresonance Association with the help of European specialists, aiming to develop the field in Iran.
As reported by the Amirkabir University PR Office, speaking at a meeting with two European specialists and a number of the University’s administrators and Bioresonance Lab scientists, Professor Michael Weber, Head of the European TCM Laser Academy, said that the Iran-Europe Bioresonance Association (IEBRA) had been registered with the relevant authorities in Germany according to plan and that pursuing steps would be taken by the founding members in Iran and Europe.
Professor Hans Weber, Head of the International Society for Medical Laser Applications (ISLA), announced the start of cooperation between ISLA and IEBRA and added that the latest medical technologies will be provided within the IEBRA framework.
Dr Hamid Keshavri, Head of the Amirkabir University Bioresonance Technology Research Laboratory, spoke about the actions taken to set up the association in Iran, and said: “As the creditable academic center of this science in IRAN, the Amirkabir University Bioresonance Technology Research Laboratory will use all available facilities to expand this scientific field. IEBRA will help promote bioresonance therapy in the country.”
Dr Mohammad Mohammadi-Aghdam, Director General of Amirkabir University Research, announced his support for the Association and said the University was ready for any cooperation.
It was concluded that, as an initial step, the International Congress of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology will be held in Iran next spring. Professor Hans Weber reiterated: “This is an important congress and I will put the required information on the ISLA website and facilitate the participation of global scientists in this congress.”
The above meeting took place at Amirkabir University on January 20, 2018. At the close of the meeting, Faran Tech Knowledge Foundation was thanked for its orchestrations between the Amirkabir University Bioresonance Technology Research Laboratory and European specialists.
Prof Michael Weber had previously visited the bioresonance laboratory at the University, where the idea of launching IEBRA was initially proposed and welcomed by both parties.