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Removal of Heavy Metals from Water and Wastewater

 | Post date: 2022/01/10 | 
Researchers at the department of chemical engineering of AUT have succeeded in presenting a new method for water and wastewater treatment using nanotechnology.
Dr. Mitra Bayat, a graduate of AUT and the main researcher of the "Production of Galvanic Nano-cells for Water and Wastewater Treatment" project, said: "Heavy metals are among the most dangerous pollutants in industrial wastewater. In this project, galvanic nano cells were produced and enhanced based on iron nanoparticles, which ultimately were able to completely remove heavy metals. High potentials in the removal of heavy metal and nitrate, as well as dinitrotoluene composition, and extremely long life of the particles are among the advantages of the project.”
Dr. Bahram Nasernejad was the supervisor of this project, who is an AUT faculty member.