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New Method for Tunnel Drilling and Maintenance

 | Post date: 2022/01/10 | 
In his doctoral dissertation, Masoud Ghorbani, a doctoral student in rock mechanics at AUT, presented a new methodology for selecting the drilling method and the initial maintenance system of rock tunnels based on the tunnel instability mechanism.
He pointed out: “one of the most important features of this research is the comprehensiveness of the database collected and the coverage of a wide range of surface and consolidation maintenance elements that could be used in underground excavations; In such a way that the developed methodology for selecting the optimal maintenance system could be applied in case of rock explosion in different countries with different maintenance strategies.
Supervisors of this doctoral dissertation were Dr. Kourosh Shahriyar a faculty member of AUT and Dr. Mostafa Sharifzadeh a faculty member of the Curtin University of Australia.