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19th AUT International Student Programming Competition

 | Post date: 2019/11/10 | 
The 19th  AUT International Student Programming Competition would be held on Nov 8 in the computer engineering department of AUT. This competition is being held with the support of Sabaidea company with the participation of 65 teams from across the country. Each team consists of 3 students they will compete in the Computer Engineering Faculty of Amirkabir University of Technology. .
Amirkabir University of Technology's School of Computer Engineering, in line with the goals of the main ICPC competitions to select the top teams to compete in the regional championships, holds an official national competition to select students that will go to the West Asian Championships every year. The high quality if this tournament has become a guideline for many teams from universities across the country.
Participants can refer to icpc.aut.ac.ir for more information.