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Wound Dressing Made by Chicken Feather Keratin for Severe Burns

 | Post date: 2022/02/14 | 
The researchers of AUT (Tehran Polytechnique) have succeeded in designing and evaluating a kind of wound dressing that is modified using recycled keratin of chicken feathers and can be used as an effective bandage to cure burns.  
"Currently, due to the high price of imported wound covers, Vaseline and gauze is used to bandage the wounds of the patients with burns which has no effect on accelerating healing. Using the discovered technology of pad-dry-cure in this research we have facilitated the commercialization and application of this technical knowledge," said Dr. Khalil-al-Rehman Khalilipour Rudi, who graduated from AUT with the supervision of Dr. Fatemeh Dadashian from the department of textile engineering and Dr. Atefeh Selouk from the department of Biomedical Engineering who have been doing this project for three years.