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Presenting an Efficient Method to Analyze Buildings Considering Soil-Structure Interaction

 | Post date: 2022/02/14 | 
The researchers of AUT have succeeded in presenting an efficient method to analyze buildings, considering the soil-structure interaction and foundation impedance functions which leads to optimization and significant reduction of operations and computational costs of engineers.
This research has been done as the doctoral dissertation of Mr. Yazdan Hayati and under the guidance and supervision of the AUT faculty member, Dr. Abolfazl Eslami and Dr. Gholamreza Havaei, in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with the assistance of Structure and Earthquake Research Center of AUT.
“This project aims to present a helpful method and model for three-dimensional dynamical analysis of soil-structure interaction using infrastructure technique and popular finite element method (FEM) effected by the forces and external anchors and seismic waves, which is very useful in structure and earthquake engineering.” Said Mr. Yazdan Hayati.
Also, the results of the research show that in buildings with a periodicity of more than 0.5 seconds (facilities with more than five floors), considering the soil-structure interaction can decrease the earthquake base shear force up to 20 percent (depending on the properties of soil, foundation, and structure). Decreasing earthquake base shear leads to decreasing the dimensions of beams, columns, and structural elements of the building skeleton on its own and eventually causes the reduction of the building cost.
Hayati stated that four scientific experimental articles were published in well-known international journals with JCR profiles, from the results of this research.