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Modeling Urban Water Resources and Consumption in Uncertainty Conditions

 | Post date: 2022/02/14 | 
The researchers of AUT have succeeded in modeling the portfolio of urban water resources and consumption in conditions of uncertainty with a sustainable development approach so that the administrators of one region can manage the demand.
At the moment, the water crisis is one of the biggest and most important crises of the present century. Modeling is done in sustainable development by considering three goals, and a new indicator has been defined for social and environmental purposes in urban water management. The standard index of normal evapotranspiration and precipitation has been used to classify and produce different scenarios. A comprehensive definition of the risk-based and risk-based portfolio in water resources has been done to inform the expected shortfall at a certain level of confidence. The combination of Benders decomposition algorithm and column generation has been used to solve the water resources problem to reduce the solution time” said Dr. Maryam Shabani, who graduated from AUT.
The advising professors of this project were Dr. Naser Shamsgharneh, a faculty member of AUT, and Dr. Seyed Taghi Akhavanniaki, a faculty member of Sharif University of Technology.