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Reduction of Time and Cost in Designing and Building Complex Textures

 | Post date: 2022/05/1 | 

Scholars at AUT, by studying tubular textures and their spatial properties, have taken steps to reduce the amount of time and cost for manufacturers in textile industry.
Dr. Mohammad Amin Rahiminia, a doctorate graduate of AUT and manager of the project, ‘experimental and theoretical analysis of reinforced composite with altered tubular texture in peripheral direction’, on the topic of features of this idea stated that being multidimensional is the most important attribute of this project. 3-D printing of textile tissue sample, experimental and theoretical analysis of mechanical properties of textures and reinforced composites with them is the most pronounced characteristic of this research. Modelling and building of intricate textures as protective cover, reinforcement for composites and medical prosthesis are some of the uses of this project.
Academic advisor of this plan were Dr. Masoud Latifi and Dr. Mojtaba Sedighi, both faculty members of Amirkabir University of Technology.