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Development of Lithium Battery with Advanced Inexpensive Anodic materials

 | Post date: 2022/05/1 | 

AUT’s researchers’ collaboration with Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology and Uppsala University in Sweden as a doctorate project, has successfully resulted in production of the advanced Anodic materials for Lithium-Ion battery, moving our country’s Lithium battery industry forward.
Dr. Mahshid Ershadi Amirkabir University’s graduate, worked on this as her doctoral thesis named ‘creating nanocomposites based on Graphene compounds/Fe3O4 to be used as Anodic material in lithium-ion based batteries’.
The academic advisors of this project were Dr. Mehran Javanbakht (department of chemistry, Amirkabir University of Technology) and Dr. Seid Ahmad Mozafari (Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology); Dr. Beniamin Zahiri (British Columbia, Canada) and Dr. Daniel Brendel (Uppsala, Sweden).
The results of this dissertation have been so far published in three international magazines.