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Heavy Metal Removal from Water Produced in Oil Fields

 | Post date: 2022/06/14 | 
AUT researchers have successfully eliminated heavy metals from high salt water produced in oil fields by employing electrical coagulation methods, which eliminated carcinogenic components of water which may be utilized in agriculture or firefighting after being desalinated.
Mahdieh Mehri noted that, in compliance with environmental requirements, after desalination, this water may finally be utilized in different applications such as agricultural irrigation, firefighting, or etc.
She stated that it can also be drained in wells without causing damage to the environment.
This project was carried out by employing a reactor of relatively basic design and using readily available metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and zinc. The use of air compressors accomplished the aeration.
This project was overseen by Dr. Bahram Nassernejad and Dr. Narges Fallah, who are both faculty members at the Amirkabir University of Technology.