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International Language Center

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AUT Language Center

Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) as a top scientific higher education institution has become an attractive university for international students especially in the Middle East. AUT has made it its mission to use its international recognition to increase its scientific and cultural interaction with the universities and institutes of higher education in other countries especially in the Middle East. That’s why AUT has established its very own language center to teach both English and Farsi (Persian). Other languages such as Arabic, French and Spanish Courses are also available and can be offered in our center per request.

The need for such a center was soon realized by AUT staff and that’s when we started our language center. It soon became a starting ground for our international students. Students that are admitted to AUT will have to take Farsi and if necessary English courses before starting their academic program.

Welcome to ILCA

The International Language Center of AUT with its convenient on campus location offers a dynamic language program which includes English and Persian courses designed for non-natives all year round.

AUT Persian Language Center

These classes offer a friendly environment for our new students to get to know AUT and learn the national language of Iran so that they can have a more pleasant stay here. Obviously when living in a new country it is always better to know their language so that you can feel more comfortable getting around and communicating with natives or even making new friends.  The students basic and functional language needs for purposes such as shopping, taking a taxi, daily exchange and etc. have been taken into special consideration. That’s why we teach both spoken and written Persian and use educational films to teach listening and speaking.

Starting the academic courses at AUT requires students to have a basic knowledge of Persian. Our highly experienced and dedicated instructors have prepared the courses for students who expect to learn a target language within a short period of time. They have been able to help students reach the academic competence to participate in university classes in a matter of 4 months (480 hours).

Our teachers will always give their students a detailed academic report at the end of each course. If need be we can even offer the services of a personal tutor. We are proud to give confidence to non-native students to use the academic study skills needed to study at a foreign university.

How ILCA Works

We have designed standard tests for evaluation and approval of our applicant’s language skills. Once you have been accepted to AUT you are required to take our placement tests. These tests evaluate the student’s proficiency in all skills and include an interview. All students are required to achieve the necessary qualifications to be able to start their academic program at AUT.

Courses Introduction

  • Course types and length:
Course types and length
Course Hours Length(weeks)
General 360 12
Academic 120
According to the major
the student is going to study
Total 480 16

  1. Classes are held six days a week from Saturday to Thursday.
  2. Classes are held from 8:00 to 13:00.
  3. Two examinations are held; one after 8 weeks and a final exam at the end of the second 8 weeks.

AUT English Language Center

Since classes in AUT are offered in English, knowledge of this language is necessary. Students from all over the world are welcomed in our center. No matter how little your knowledge of English might be, ILCA will offer an English course that is suited for you. English courses are offered at the three levels of basic, intermediate and advanced. Once the student’s knowledge of English has reached the required level, they can then officially start their academic program. In addition to learning necessary skills to survive at AUT, in our multi-media equipped classrooms students will learn techniques that will help them in taking international language examinations.

Contact Us

Phone Number: +982164545415 , +982164545412
Email: ilcaaut.ac.ir
Address: ILCA Building, Alborz St. College Square, Hafez Ave. Tehran, Iran 1591634733