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Designing Orthopedic Shoes for Diabetics

 | Post date: 2022/06/14 | 
Researchers at AUT were able to study the impacts of mallet toe on stresses on the advanced diabetic patient's toes ligaments which as well as identifying points susceptible to wounds and subsequent harms, could be used for designing shoes and insoles for diabetics in the future.
Regarding the project's outcome, Mohammad Moaydi stated: "The current work is meaningful for diabetic individuals which can be notified more accurately of the hazards that may arise due to the synchronism of diabetes and foot deformation and to prevent the recurrence of foot ulcers and also deformations in the future."
This project was supervised by Dr. Manouchehr Salehi, Dr. Ahmad Reza Arshi, faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology, and Dr. Roozbeh Naemi, a professor of Staffordshire University, and Dr. Mohammad Akrami, a professor of the University of Exeter in England.