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International Campus

 | Post date: 2022/10/22 | 
The International Campus of AUT (Tehran Polytechnic) was established in 2003. Before the establishment of this unit, the departments would accept foreign students autonomously from different countries. With the establishment of the international campus more foreign students were admitted to AUT and various international cooperation programs such as joint programs, joint supervision, sabbaticals, joint projects, internships, summer schools started with international institutions and universities. Alongside this an international language institute was established under the supervision of this campus which has become one of the most advanced language centers in the country. You can visit the website of AUT’s International Language Center here (https://ilca.aut.ac.ir/en/).
We believe that a main pillar to development, civilization, definite world peace among nations is internationalizing universities and creating scientific and cultural connection among its scholars.  
The international campus of AUT is under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for International Affairs.
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