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Purification of Amoxicillin Antibiotic from Water

 | Post date: 2023/01/11 | 
Sumayyah Sohrabi Shahsawari, an AUT PhD student, proposed a successful solution for the purification of amoxicillin antibiotics from water. Sumayyah the PhD student of this project said “we can use the results of this study in industries such as catalyst production, water, and wastewater treatment. In this method, we used a stabilized photocatalyst which is more advantageous than suspended nanoparticles due to issues such as clumping and turbidity of the solution and limitation of light penetration depth. In addition, we prevented wasting photocatalysts, and eliminated the need for a centrifuge for splitting.
Some of the scientific achievements of this thesis are 3 ISI articles and other research projects that gained the full support of organizations such as the National Elite Foundation, Niroo Research Institute, Tehran Wastewater Company, and Iran National Science Foundation.
Supervisors of this project were Dr. Mustafa Keshavarz Moravvaji and Dr. Davood Iranshahi, academic staff of the Amirkabir University of Technology. Also, Dr. Afzal Karimi, a faculty member of the Iran University of Medical Sciences, was part of the supervisors' group.