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 | Post date: 2019/05/22 | 

  Dr. Alireza Rahai is a prominent figure and a faculty member of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, specializing in Structures and Earthquakes at Amir Kabir University of Technology. He holds the academic rank of professor. He has served as the president of Amir Kabir University of Technology twice and was appointed for the third time on the 29th of Mordad 1402 by the order of Dr. Mohammad Ali Zolfi-Gol (Minister of Science, Research, and Technology of the thirteenth government).
In addition to his tenure as the Vice-President of Amir Kabir University of Technology, he was responsible for several years as the head of the Technical and Engineering Planning Group of the Ministry of Science, the former deputy of education and postgraduate studies at the Azad Islamic University, and the founder and secretary-general of the Civil Engineers Association of Iran. He has published 18 books, 113 scientific articles, and 68 conference papers.