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Self-healing Polymer Sheets Comprised of Spherical Microcapsules

 | Post date: 2023/03/6 | 
Researchers at Amirkabir University of Technology produced and analyzed self-healing polymer sheets comprised of multinuclear spherical microcapsules by implementing a coaxial electrospraying method in order to be used in industry.
In this research, a cost-effective methodology for self-healing in polymers, based on healing microcapsules, with a desired efficiency was developed and enhanced by designing an electrospraying machine and the introduction of making multinuclear micro-capsules using the two-step electrospraying method in which both the polymer healing and hardening agents were put in place in a singular microcapsule, said Reza Barbaz Isfahani, a graduate of AUT.
Doctor Manuchehr Salehi and Doctor Saeed Saber Samandari, both faculty members at AUT, were the supervisors of this project.