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Name: Akram Abotaleb
Responsibility: Computer expert
Phone Number: +98(21)64545320

 Name: Fariba Baharvand
Responsibility: Graduate expert
Phone Number: +98(21)64545329

Name: Mohammad Ali Bayat
Responsibility: Research expert
Phone Number: +98(21)64545334

Name: Azam Karimi
Responsibility: Education officer
Phone Number: +98(21)64545326
Name: Elnaz Azizii
Phone Number: +98(21)64545333

Name: Maryam Salmei
Responsibility: Office
Phone Number: +98(21)64545300; +98(21)64545301
Responsibility: Administrative officer
Phone Number: +98(21)64545327
Name: Fatemeh Saremi
Responsibility: Computer Room
Phone Number: +98(21)64545320
Responsibility: Educational expert, trustee of property and responsible for audiovisual facilities
Phone Number: +98(21)64545345
Name: Hossein Fahimifar
Responsibility: Finance and Administration Manager
Phone Number: +98(21)64545352-53
Name: Mohammad Norouzi
Responsibility: Laboratory expert
Phone Number: +98(21)64545368; +98(21)64545306


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