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The 2nd Gathering of Persian Language Centers of Iran’s Universities (AZFA)

 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
According to AUT’s public relation, Dr Ahmad Pourghasem, as the president of Amirkabir University of Technology’s Language Center and the chairperson of AZFA meeting said “the second meeting of Persian language centers of Iran’s universities, was hosted by AUT on May24th.”
He also added that the purpose of this meeting was compiling regulations for issuing certificate, and supervising and evaluating Farsi teaching centers in order to improve the quality for international students.
The president of AUT’s Language Center assured “these meetings are held with the aim of internationalizing higher education in Islamic Republic of Iran and are significant in teaching Farsi to international students by AZFA centers.
He said the “Dr Dadaashpour, vice president of ministry of Science, Research and Technology, president of Amirkabir University of Technology Dr Ghodsipour, vice president of AUT’s International Affairs Dr Arezoo, and other vice presidents of the university and presidents of the AZFA Farsi language centers from all over the country were present.”