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Sarvino Innovation and Technology Center

 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
Amirkabir University’s public relations reported that a cooperation contract between Amirkabir University and Sarv Oil and Gas Industries has been made to prepare, start, and utilize ‘Sarvino Innovation and Technology Center’, located in AUT’s department of chemistry.
The contract was made with the purpose of supporting the formation of startup environment and jobs based on innovation in different chemistry-related fields, chemical engineering, management, and industrial engineering such as catalysts, business intelligence, systems, and methods.
According to this contract, it is the Sarv Oil and Gas Industries responsibility to provide resources and seed money that the center needs to work with relevant and beneficiary institutions to introduce center’s startups,
The business is also committed to work toward facilitating the conditions and speeding up the process of gaining knowledge-based and other needed licenses for the center’s startups.