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9th AUT Talk Event

 | Post date: 2023/06/24 | 
Mr. Ali Alizadeh, president of AUT’s Scientific Associations, stated this event was held and was well-received by the students, professors and company owners, and created a great opportunity for exchanging experiences and using the potential of investment and developing new ideas of the students by the CEO of global platform of innovation and technology Mr. Chan.
He added Mr. Chan gave a speech on the general work process of his company, achievements of the company, successful experiences in work and employment and investments in different countries and his interest in working with Iranian students and investing in Iran.
President of AUT’s Scientific Associations assured “after Mr. Chan’s speech, the students asked their questions and about the challenges related to the collaboration and how to invest in their ideas, and Mr. Chan provided necessary answers.”
He reminded “at the end, how to collaborate and contact entrepreneurs and innovators was shared with the foreign investor.”