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Amirkabir University of Technology's Programs Aim to Attract International Students

 | Post date: 2023/09/9 | 
In a recent report by the public relations department of Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Ahmad Pour Qasem announced during a meeting with representatives from student recruitment institutions that the university, being the largest technical university in Iran, has achieved significant accolades. Notably, it holds a permanent license, applicable to all universities in the country. While most Persian language education centers are limited to their respective universities or have a limited duration of validity, Amirkabir University of Technology stands out as one of the top five universities in the nation and holds a QS ranking of 375. Moreover, the university offers unique programs, including marine engineering, which attract international students. Only a select number of universities are authorized to grant this international degree, and Amirkabir University of Technology is among them.
Dr. Pour Qasem also unveiled an information website during the meeting, which covers various fields of study, degrees, and capacities. Over the past six months, the university has thoroughly reviewed its recruitment processes and incorporated valuable feedback to improve efficiency. As a result, they have successfully expedited the admissions process, which now takes only three days for bachelor's and master's degrees. However, the process for doctoral degrees is more intricate, typically requiring two to three months for student approval. This complexity arises from the disparities between technical and non-technical fields.
To enhance student support and communication, a dedicated working group comprising four representatives has been established. This group includes representatives from educational affairs, cultural and student affairs, admissions, and the Azfa center. The role of the student representative is to address and fulfill students' needs from the moment they enroll until their graduation.