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"Amirkabir University of Technology's Faculty of Chemistry Initiates Innovation Center in Collaboration with Sarvi Oil and Gas Company"

 | Post date: 2023/09/9 | 
In a significant development, Amirkabir University of Technology's Faculty of Chemistry has taken substantial strides towards fostering innovation and industry collaboration, as revealed in a recent public relations report.

Dr. Majid Abdoss, speaking on behalf of the faculty, disclosed their latest endeavors, notably the establishment of an innovation center through a memorandum of understanding with Sarv Oil and Gas Company. This collaboration is poised to concentrate on the synthesis of novel catalysts tailored to meet the specific needs of the petrochemical, oil, and gas industries.

Highlighting the ongoing projects within the realm of catalyst production, Dr. Abdoss emphasized the significance of joint ventures with knowledge-based companies. He underlined their commitment to supporting exceptional students, including those excelling in Olympiads and other academic distinctions.

Furthermore, Dr. Abdoss proudly proclaimed that the Faculty of Chemistry at Amirkabir University of Technology boasts a remarkable achievement—publishing the highest number of articles among all the university's faculties. The faculty's dedicated researchers contribute nearly 400 articles annually to esteemed international ISI journals, further solidifying their academic prowess.

Additionally, he noted that these researchers have authored approximately 50 books, which have been published in both domestic and international publications, cementing their reputation as contributors to the field of chemistry on a global scale.