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Vice Chancellor for International Affairs

 | Post date: 2019/05/29 | 

In the past, the university has had a passive state of affairs for most of its international activities, the most well-known activity was the dual degree program between Amirkabir University of Technology and the University of Birmingham. AUT especially in recent years has focused a lot on internationalizing its university and campus. The process started with the establishment of an international office and having a director of international cooperation as its head. AUT then became the first university in Iran to offer its programs in English.
The office became more active in 2014 by becoming the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to focus more on internationalizing the university and have a higher budget. It started hiring native speaking employees that took internationalizing AUT to heart. The number of full time international students has increased from 22 in 2012 to 235 in 2017. The number of dual degree programs has also increased to 9 full-time dual degree programs running with universities from different countries such as Ecole polytechnique, ENSAM, UPEC and Mod’Art in France as well as TU Delft, Maastricht, RSM Erasmus in the Netherlands, Ghent University in Belgium and Montan University in Austria.
With the increase of foreign applicants, an International Student Affairs Office was established. The organizational chart of these offices were made by the HR office of the university.
A Scientific and International Cooperation Centre was then established to further market AUT. In order to internationalize our university this office suggested various programs and opportunities to professors and students, such as carrying out joint projects, participating in science tours and internships, gaining a dual degree or participating in student exchange programs. Our efforts have led to notable achievements and success for the university and its members such as hosting international delegates from reputable universities, receiving funds and grants on research and industrial projects, as well as hosting foreign students for summer internship.
Our objective and future goal is to direct our academia towards trans-disciplinary research in order to exploit knowledge and become a multicultural, cosmopolitan university that will promote entrepreneurship and develop open connections with global counterparts.
After the Iran nuclear deal, a great deal of students were interested in taking short term courses at AUT to get to know Iran better. Students, professors and administrative staff that have visited AUT in the past have become ambassadors for this university. This could be due to the negative perception that media create regarding Iran or the lack of its presence.
Cognizant of the central role of networking and communication in international relations, AUT not only works hard to strengthen its relationship with already existing partners but also takes an active approach in reaching out to potential partners all around the globe.
In 2017 for instance, AUT continued strengthening its academic relationship with Germany and also took a big step in moving forward with its Austrian, French and Turkish counterparts. Our office also tries to show a great presence in Erasmus Programs especially Erasmus Plus programs each year.
 Memorandum of Understandings or MOUs are the agreements we initially sign with every country.
For a detailed review of our international activities please refer to our Annual Report of 2019.

Joint programs

Joint programs are programs held in partnership with universities in the joint contract. These programs can result in one or more degrees which indicate that the student will spend a period of their studies in each of the partner universities.

International Programs

AUT is a part of many international programs such as Erasmus plus programs that support the exchange of research, students and professors.  A list of these programs are:
Erasmus Mundus     Marhaba
Erasmus Plus
            University of Passau
            University Paris-Est Creteil (UPEC)
            Alliance4universities (A4U)
            Montan University
            University of Almeria
            Middle-east Technical University (METU)
            Polytechnic of Torino
            Slovak Technical University in Bratislava
IAU   International Association of Universities
                The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning
AIESEC       International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial            Sciences
AUTEX      Association of Universities of Textiles
EURAS      Euras Eurasian Universities ::::::::union::::::::
Other forms of exchange programs that AUT supports are:
Sabbaticals give PhD students the opportunity to spend a semester or more at a foreign university of their choosing. The student must contact their desired university and get the approval of the professor and the university in order to apply for a sabbatical. Universities that already have a contract with AUT could be a better option for willing AUT students. To find a list of the institutions that already have a contract with AUT please check the link below.
AUT students can apply for abroad internships for a period of 1 to maximum 3 months. Foreign students can also apply for an internship in AUT. Universities that already have a contract with AUT could be a good option for enthusiastic students.
Student Exchange Programs
Student exchange programs are programs that give students the opportunity to spend 1 to 3 semesters at a foreign university that has such contract with AUT.
Scientific Visits
The Office of Scientific and International Cooperation provides students with the opportunity to visit universities and industries in foreign countries to get acquainted with their research centers or laboratories. To this end, the universities that are in contract with AUT are good options.

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