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Officials of the National Organization for Management and Planning are working to increase the budget of Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2023/11/21 | 
The sixth staff gathering at Amirkabir University of Technology took place on Thursday, Aban 25, 1402, in the university's auditorium. Dr. Rahai, following the university president's remarks and key discussions, highlighted:

Ongoing meetings and negotiations with officials from the National Organization for Management and Planning.
Active efforts to boost the budget for Amirkabir University of Technology.
Acknowledging the crucial role of staff and faculty as the backbone of the university.
Striving to secure housing for university staff.
The university's interim leader reported, "Last week, in collaboration with colleagues, we engaged in discussions with the Planning and Budget Organization to address current shortages by year-end. Regrettably, Amirkabir University of Technology ranks 11th in budget growth among Tehran universities, placing it near the bottom. We aim to present a positive outlook for the university's budget in the upcoming year."

During the university's sixth staff gathering, Dr. Alireza Rahai, condemning the ruthless attacks by Zionists on Gaza, expressed concern over their heinous actions against the oppressed people of Palestine. He stated, "We pray for the success of the Palestinian people, consistently oppressed by global arrogance, with over 12,000 martyred in the past month alone." Dr. Rahai highlighted the unprecedented heavy blows from the resistance front against the occupier regime and the united support from countries backing the resistance.

Furthermore, he emphasized that, as stated by our nation's authorities, the recent events in Gaza over the past month may have been a divine test to reveal the true nature of Western powers and global arrogance, affirming the authenticity of the Palestinian people's struggle recognized by various communities worldwide.
The acting head of Amirkabir University of Technology underscored the Leader's guidance on university policies, noting, "Consistently addressing pivotal points, the Leader outlines comprehensive policies for officials nationwide regarding the responsibilities of universities in recent years. Emphasizing the imperative of a scientific leap, positive initiatives were launched in scientific and academic centers across the country, including Amirkabir University of Technology. Fortunately, substantial successes have been achieved. In numerous academic evaluation forums appraising the scientific conditions of universities and the country, Iran has proudly secured the 13th position globally in terms of scientific growth. This accomplishment has brought joy to the entire academic community."
Dr. Rahai highlighted, "In a recent warning, the Leader addressed universities, noting that our scientific growth still lags due to a lengthy history dating back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras, where the country experienced substantial stagnation. Despite efforts spanning the last forty years, we remain behind advanced systems. Hence, we must not become complacent about these developments and must persist in our scientific advancement. In additional remarks, there was an emphasis on preparing for a new era of scientific endeavors. Consequently, an innovative initiative from the country's scientific institutions is essential to prevent further setbacks."

He elaborated, "Recent times have shown countries in the region, which once had a considerable scientific gap compared to our nation."
However, through substantial investments in this field, they successfully achieved noteworthy growth, rapidly improving their position and narrowing the gap with us in specific sectors. Therefore, if we halt our progress on this trajectory, we risk falling behind. Leaders in this field also emphasize: "Scientific progress is imperative, and the government, given the current scientific landscape, must earnestly invest in addressing material challenges for this advancement."

The acting head of Amirkabir University of Technology highlighted, "Despite the valuable statements from the Leader of the Revolution, it is evident that many executive bodies have yet to fully comprehend the significance of these matters. Budgetary constraints remain a significant challenge in university committees."

Rahai emphasized, "Last week, in collaboration with colleagues, we engaged in discussions with the Planning and Budget Organization to address current shortages by year-end and set a positive trajectory for the upcoming year."
The interim leader of Amirkabir University of Technology, emphasizing the importance of staff input for enhancing their well-being, expressed, "We are actively advancing the implementation of the Housing Evolution Law, having conducted necessary correspondence in this regard. Our efforts are directed towards providing housing for a specific group of young employees currently without this benefit. This initiative at Amirkabir University of Technology begins this year, and I am hopeful that within one to two years, it will culminate in securing housing for our employees."
Dr. Rahai highlighted, "The current conditions in the country are unique, and we observe a generation, now labeled as the youth, which, unlike past generations, lacks the same level of hope, motivation, and energy. Hence, employees and faculty members are regarded as the pillars of the university. Given the recent lack of enthusiasm and motivation among our students, leading to some discontinuing their studies or encountering numerous challenges, it is essential to recognize that our objective and endeavors across departments should be singularly directed towards educating students and fostering a hopeful and industrious atmosphere for them."
In conclusion, he underscored the importance of nurturing a collaborative spirit among officials and staff within the university. He expressed, "The conditions should facilitate mutual respect while encouraging constructive suggestions to enhance working and living conditions. I kindly request the cooperation of dear employees in this regard, so that collectively, we can contribute to the advancement and growth of the university."

During this session, Dr. Milad Rezaei, the Deputy for Development and Resource Management, shared brief remarks online due to work-related travel and absence from the meeting. He addressed topics such as the university budget, the well-being of employees, and other relevant matters.
Dr. Abazar Ziaei emphasized that when a resolution is issued by the Ministry of Science, it shouldn't be deemed equivalent to a law. Laws have a mandatory nature and must be executed. However, if a resolution is announced without considering organizational conditions, positive outcomes are unlikely. At Amirkabir University of Technology, similar resolutions exist, and collaboration with the university president and the deputy for development and resource management is ongoing to determine the best implementation strategies.

The Director of Administrative and Support Affairs at Amirkabir University of Technology clarified that decisions and resolutions must be tailored to the specific requirements of each organization and university. He expressed hope that the university will evolve into a top-tier academic institution in the coming years, requiring collaboration from all entities. The position of Amirkabir University of Technology will stand out across various contexts, including the Management and Planning Organization, receiving special attention.
He noted that the gathering faced limitations in facilities, preventing the inclusion of all colleagues. However, plans are in motion for these valued colleagues. Dr. Ziaei underscored the importance of careful consideration before action, drawing a parallel with the Japanese approach, which scrutinizes every aspect before proceeding. Their strategy at Amirkabir University of Technology involves addressing flaws before initiating tasks, executing them with minimal operational drawbacks. They approach tasks calmly with meticulous planning, promising a brighter future.

He expressed regret over the emotional nature of many decisions in various administrations, emphasizing that thoughtful approaches and result evaluations lead to desirable outcomes. He assured that dissatisfaction would not arise in these conditions.

The Director of Administrative and Support Affairs at Amirkabir University of Technology added that they are striving to make optimal decisions in the supplementary insurance field, benefiting both employees and the company. In the realm of loans, agreements with Bank Melli have been established to allow employees to utilize these facilities. While efforts are underway to provide employees with loans at lower interest rates, negotiations in this regard have been conducted to operationalize it.
We will review Amirkabir University.
Dr. Iqbal Shakeri, a faculty member of the university and a representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, addressed the gathering, paying tribute to the 92 martyrs of this esteemed institution. He urged them to support our children in achieving the goals emphasized by the esteemed Leader.
Continuing, he emphasized the pivotal role played by all active sectors in Amirkabir University in nurturing these elites. He reminded everyone, past and future members alike, that they are engaged in the path of fostering excellence.

With emphasis, he highlighted that Amirkabir University ranks among the top five globally in around eight main engineering fields. He attributed this remarkable achievement to the dedication of professors and the collective efforts of the university's staff.
At the gathering, Mr. Asadollahi emphasized the inactive status of those involved in fostering elites at Amirkabir University in the past and underscored the importance of preserving the rights of pioneers and honoring their contributions.

Acknowledging the sacrifice of the 92 martyrs of Amirkabir University, he highlighted that their blood paves the way for successors, expressing confidence that these martyrs, despite facing challenges, will undoubtedly support the current generation.

The Secretary of the Staff Council mentioned the organization of a meeting for representatives and encouraged members to submit their demands through unit representatives.

During the gathering, Ali Akbar Asadollahi noted that all employees and those associated with the Amirkabir family hold a superior position. He shared that 508 individuals registered for the event, with 98 finalizing their registration on the last day, and 28 were added to the final list.

Emphasizing unity, enthusiasm, and joy during the gathering, Asadollahi expressed confidence that this event would be a historic day for Amirkabir University. He announced that on the 5th of Azar of the current year, the university would host representatives from the Central Council and urged all members to convey their opinions through unit representatives for discussion in the upcoming meeting.

In conclusion, representatives of employees in various departments expressed their requests and concerns regarding transportation services, supplementary insurance, organizing gatherings for contractual employees, utilizing the capabilities of female employees in managerial positions, increasing bonuses, obtaining loans, expediting the establishment of university daycare centers, paying more attention to women's sports, and more. The Director of Administrative and Support Affairs addressed these concerns and provided necessary responses.