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University Head; Basij thinking should be institutionalized in universities

 | Post date: 2023/12/10 | 
Coinciding with the Basij Week and the anniversary of the formation of the Basij of the Oppressed, the Basij Council of Employees met with the university president.
According to the public relations of Amirkabir University of Technology: Dr. Alireza Rahaei, the president of the university, while commemorating the Basij Week, emphasized that the Basij mentality should be prevalent and current in all structures of the country and said: The Basij mentality is the backbone of the university; We must use this mentality and by offering constructive and influential solutions to improve services and systemic processes and we can say that this mentality is the driving force of the country's progress.
Rahaei said: Spreading and expanding the Basij mentality is a serious need and a necessity for all institutions that are moving towards development and progress.
The president of Amirkabir University of Technology emphasized: Today, thanks to the Basij mentality, the country has achieved comprehensive development and progress, good scientific achievements have been achieved, which have been achieved with the use of Basij culture and effort and jihad spirit.