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Appreciation of Dr. Arman Zare Bidaki, a member of the faculty at Bandar Abbas University, as a "Top Researcher"

 | Post date: 2023/12/26 | 
With the presence of Mehdi Dousti, the governor of Hormozgan, the closing ceremony of the Research and Technology Week in Hormozgan was held, with the introduction and appreciation of the top researchers in the province and the top booths at the exhibition at Hormozgan University.
According to the public relations department of Amirkabir University of Technology, quoting from the Bandar Abbas University unit, the governor of Hormozgan, in this ceremony, emphasized that research is an important principle that not only has scientific justification but also has economic justification. He stated, "In a world where technologies are rapidly growing, we must familiarize ourselves with the latest technologies and produce new competitive technologies so that we do not fall behind in industrial and economic competition."
He added, "Science is fundamental, and if it is not present, it can lead to the loss and elimination of an industry or economy, and it can even be influential at the national level."
It is worth mentioning that in this ceremony, Dr. Arman Zare Bidaki, a faculty member of the Materials Engineering - Corrosion and Materials Protection group at Amirkabir University of Technology, Bandar Abbas unit, was honored as the "Top Researcher" by the governor of Hormozgan, by presenting a plaque of appreciation.