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Injection of New Credit Line for Laboratory Equipment Renovation

 | Post date: 2024/01/2 | 
The head of Amirkabir University of Technology announced the allocation of a new line of credit for the procurement and renovation of laboratory equipment at the university.

According to the Public Relations Office of Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Alireza Rahai, during a ceremony honoring the university's researchers, referred to the statements of the Supreme Leader and emphasized that the university should be the foundation of scientific advancements and the dignity of the Iranian nation. He also stressed that in order to achieve the scientific movement, a new spirit should be instilled, and in this regard, all professors and students should engage in shaping the destiny in this field.

He stated that the emphasis of the Supreme Leader's statements indicates the importance of science and technology among the country's officials. He continued, stating that the university's connection with industry is one of the country's needs, and it is necessary to make efforts to utilize the entire potential of the university to contribute to solving the country's problems.

Rahai mentioned that this potential exists at Amirkabir University of Technology, citing the implementation of national mega-projects at the university as an example. He pointed out that out of 42 national projects, 16 mega-projects were actively defined at this university, and it had the largest share in implementing these projects.

The head of Amirkabir University of Technology continued, stating that under the current circumstances, if we categorize research activities, there is a group of professors in the faculties who, based on their expertise, carry out projects with the executive industry and also supply products. He mentioned that by reviewing the upgrade files of professors, we can observe the advancement of these types of activities.

He mentioned the second category of research activities as the implementation of mega-projects, emphasizing that the implementation of mega-projects is essential for industries, and professors, alongside their educational activities, are actively engaged in carrying out mega-projects. It is expected that a prestigious university like Amirkabir should prioritize the implementation of mega-projects.

He recalled that in this regard, they have initiated activities in four areas, one of which is maritime-centered, where they have executed maritime studies in cooperation with the Ports and Maritime Organization, maritime industries, and maritime collections in Tehran and Bandar Abbas.
He mentioned the second area as the aviation industry and added: the 150-passenger aircraft mega-project has been implemented as a central project at this university, and today this university has turned into a hub for aviation studies.
The head of Amirkabir University of Technology identified energy as another priority area of this university, which includes the fields of oil, gas, and petrochemicals.
Rahai said: Another area is artificial intelligence, and good projects have started, such as the signing of contracts in this field.
The head of Amirkabir University of Technology referred to this university as a pivotal university in formulating the artificial intelligence document and carrying out related projects, and he recalled: Soon we will launch an artificial intelligence laboratory and research center at Amirkabir University of Technology.
He highlighted the advantage of implementing mega-projects in universities as involving and collaborating with professors and researchers in various fields.
Rahai, with reference to the importance of developing and equipping laboratories in implementing large projects, said: Through negotiations with the Planning and Budget Organization, a significant amount will soon be allocated to this university for the procurement of laboratory equipment. With the realization of these credits, the process of renovating and procuring laboratory equipment will begin.