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Expansion of the innovation area of the Science and Technology Park of Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2024/01/2 | 
The head of the Science and Technology Park of Amirkabir University of Technology announced the plans of this park for the development of the innovation region of Amirkabir. He stated: "The most important capacity for the development of this region is the presence of influential institutions such as the Ministry of Industry, Education, and Financial institutions."

Dr. Seyed Farhang Faseehi, in the fifth joint meeting of growth centers and deputies of science and technology parks in Tehran, referred to resistance to innovation and new initiatives, saying: "Part of this resistance stems from the work environment."

Faseehi considered the park of Amirkabir University of Technology as a government park and recalled: "Parks such as Isfahan Science and Technology Town and Pardis Technology Park were launched with special national missions, and gradually provincial parks were added to them. These parks are independent centers that have a mission to support the development of businesses in the country's technology and innovation ecosystem."

The head of the Science and Technology Park of Amirkabir University of Technology, stating that the history of university parks dates back to the 1990s, said: "Growth centers are supportive centers that should be allocated resources, but parks are considered economic institutions, and universities practice how to manage this economic institution and how to benefit from it, and how to use the legal benefits of parks."
He described this park as one of the newly established parks and said: "University parks have a special freshness due to their proximity to the university. When we are located near a scientific reservoir such as a university, we are faced with a large volume of patents, faculty members, and various laboratories that have been created there; each of them has a large volume of knowledge and technology."

Faseehi emphasized: "For this reason, in the past two years, we have been trying to shape the local ecosystem for this university."

Referring to the founding of Amirkabir University of Technology in 1929, he said: "Soon this university will reach its 100th anniversary, and if we look around the university, we can see how much we have been able to address the issues surrounding the university."

He added: "Since education is located in the innovation region of Amirkabir, we have tried to create networking, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the field of education. Parks claim this, and if a fundamental plan is to be implemented, we should also participate."

Faseehi addressed transportation, traffic, air pollution, and security as important issues in the country and present in this region. He said: "Security is also one of the issues that we have discussed with the police, and we have informed them that we have the ability to observe the thief who stole a Pride car in broad daylight based on the security cameras of the park."

He stated that commercialization does not only lead to monetization, saying: "Part of the focus should be devoted to providing technology to the people. If we cannot help people's welfare and security, it means we are copying, and as a university park, we are striving to create this capacity."
Faseehi, referring to the coordination established at the university and the creation of the Research and Technology Fund, added: "In the past year, all needy units have been successful in receiving facilities from the fund. We have also established a good interaction in the research field with the university, and based on this, any student who formulates a thesis must commit to the university that since the project has been implemented in the university, a percentage of the intellectual property belongs to the university. Of course, in recent years, this commitment has been obtained, and a vast database of projects has been created."

He emphasized: "We are striving to focus on projects that have commercial value based on a mechanism. Currently, the university fund has invested in several projects of this nature and has created a good environment."

Referring to some projects that have been created but have faced difficulties in commercialization, he added: "Currently, 200 technology units are located in the university park, and if their products are to reach the market, they must have three characteristics."

He mentioned good quality and standardization, the price of the product and its economic viability, and the stability of the companies as the advantages of technological products and stated: "The entry of the product into global markets requires global standards, which is determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the other hand, we help companies to have a suitable business plan."
Faseehi, stating that technology units can benefit from the legal advantages of the Scientific Deputy and parks for the development of their products, said: "Many companies are not familiar with these legal advantages."

He emphasized: "When a company purchases a foreign product, it ensures that the foreign company has a long history. But when our technologist wants to enter the market, we must assure the industry that the company is established, will provide after-sales services, and is moving towards branding."

Faseehi mentioned the launch of two technology complexes as part of the initiatives of the AmirKabir Innovation Zone for the development of the area and said: "But the larger capacity we have is the existence of influential institutions. The northern gate leads to the Ministry of Oil on Taleghani Street, and the eastern gate faces the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade and the Ministry of Education."

According to him, currently, there is a bell at the Alborz School under the control of Amirkabir University of Technology, and a specialized team teaches problem-solving and team-building to students.

He mentioned the existence of financial institutions such as Omid Entrepreneurship Fund, Commodity Exchange, Stock Exchange Organization, and bank branches as other capacities of this area for financial provision and added: "We have started cooperation with these institutions. An example is the cooperation with Bank Melli, and another is cooperation with Export Development Bank to establish a joint academy."

He continued: "Several branches of Bank Tejarat have also become members of the university park. Additionally, out of the 49 coworking spaces in the country, 15 are located in the AmirKabir area."