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The third International Rheology Conference

 | Post date: 2024/01/7 | 
The third International Rheology Conference
The third International Rheology Conference was held with a significant reception from university students, researchers, and industry professionals on December 21st and 22nd at the Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute.

According to the Public Relations Department of Amirkabir University of Technology, this conference was organized by the Iranian Society of Rheology, the Faculty of Polymer and Color Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology, and the Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute, with the aim of gathering experts and young researchers alongside experienced professors in this field and creating a space for discussion and exchange of ideas.

The conference covered various topics such as suspensions and colloids, interfacial rheology, emulsions, gels, and biocompatible systems, polymer alloys and nanocomposites, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, electromagnetic fluid rheology, medical and pharmaceutical engineering, food, cosmetic, simulation, and computational rheology, petrochemical industries, surface coatings, and biological systems, rheology in quality control of materials and processes, and innovative methods in determining material functions.

Dr. Fatemeh Goharpey, a faculty member of the Faculty of Polymer Engineering at the university, and the president of the Iranian Society of Rheology and the head of this conference, stated: "In the third edition of this international conference, we aimed to utilize the immense potential of Iranian experts and elites residing abroad for greater participation.
She stated: "This year, we were able to invite 14 foreign faculty members as speakers from top universities in the fields of polymer engineering, chemistry, color, materials engineering, mechanics, and physics, alongside inviting 10 young Iranian elites to present their latest findings to the participants."

She further emphasized: "The interdisciplinary nature of rheology and its wide spectrum of active industries involved in this field is part of the Iranian Society of Rheology's program to strengthen and deepen collaborations with the industry and provide opportunities for knowledge exchange and industry support for university research in the field of rheology."

The third International Rheology Conference concluded with the participation of approximately 300 attendees, presenting over 90 papers and 54 lectures, holding two separate specialized workshops, and an exhibition for companies active in the field of rheology, laboratory testing services, compounding and masterbatch, color and resin, and polymer science and engineering societies.