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Publication of the book "Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Based on Graphs

 | Post date: 2023/07/26 | 
Publication of the book "Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Based on Graphs
The book "Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Based on Graphs" by Dr. Mohammad Reza Rafsanjani Sadeghi has been published by the publication center of Amirkabir University of Technology.

Low-density parity-check codes based on graphs are considered to be among the most commonly used codes due to their high speed in transmitting and receiving information. Among various methods of constructing codes based on graph theory, low-density parity-check codes constructed from a fundamental graph hold special significance.

The purpose of writing this book is to present the latest research conducted on these codes and lattice codes. This book, consisting of seven chapters, addresses the latest methods of constructing these types of codes, detailing their advantages in each case along with comparisons with other methods proposed by other researchers.

Source: Publication Center of Amirkabir University of Technology