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Publication of the book "Game Theory and Its Applications

 | Post date: 2023/12/16 | 
Publication of the book "Game Theory and Its Applications

The book "Game Theory and Its Applications" translated by Dr. Hamed Jafari, a faculty member at Isfahan University of Technology, has been published by the publication center of Amirkabir University of Technology.

This book is a translation of one of the newest publications in the field of game theory, which is currently being taught in many prestigious universities around the world. Game theory aims to model the mathematical behavior governing a strategic situation. While most of the published books in the field of game theory in both English and Persian have focused on its economic applications, this book examines its applications in engineering and mathematics.

This book can be used for research and education at the master's and doctoral levels in fields such as industrial engineering, electrical and computer engineering, economics, and management.

Source: Publication.aut.ac.ir
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