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Multiphase Flows in Wells and Pipes has been published

 | Post date: 2024/01/11 | 
Multiphase Flows in Wells and Pipes has been  published
The book "Multiphase Flows in Wells and Pipes," authored by Dr. Mostafa Kashavarz Maroufi and Yasin Khalili, has been published by the AmirKabir University of Technology Publications.

For thousands of years, the phenomenon of phase changes has been known to humanity. Events such as boiling and melting, like water evaporation, ice freezing, and so on, are commonly observed in nature. Multiphase flows are the most common occurrences in nature, involving the simultaneous flow of two or more phases in a flow system.

This book, considering the special importance of multiphase flows in the oil industry, aims to present the concepts and principles of this field in a simple and understandable language. This approach helps petroleum engineering students and engineers in related fields such as chemical and mechanical engineering to become better acquainted with the concepts and relationships governing multiphase flows, enabling them to better engage in the design and operation of wells and pipes.