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Pre-Registration Announcement for Student Dormitories for the Spring Semester 2023-2024

 | Post date: 2024/01/13 | 
Pre-Registration Announcement for Student Dormitories for the Spring Semester 2023-2024

To all students interested in applying for single student dormitories for the Spring Semester 2023-2024, please be informed that:

The pre-registration for the Spring Semester will take place from 18/10/1402 to 26/10/1402 through the website http://samad.aut.ac.ir (Dormitory Affairs menu - Pre-Registration section) as shown in the attached image.

Failure to pre-register during this period will be considered as not requiring a dormitory, and the Dormitory Affairs Office will not have any commitment to consider accommodation requests for remaining students after this date.

The Spring Semester will be from 15/11/1402 to 15/04/1403.

Students not eligible for the Spring Semester must vacate the dormitory by 10/11/1402.
According to the decision of the Housing Council of the Student Affairs Deputy, all students living in the outskirts of Tehran will not be eligible for accommodation in the Spring Semester of 1402.

Students residing in the Mehr dormitory who have not paid their expenses as follows will not be able to pre-register in the system and will encounter an "internal system error" message:

- Daily and nightly students should use the system https://refah.swf.ir
- Pardis students should use the system http://samad.aut.ac.ir
- International students should visit the Student Services Office of the Dormitory Affairs Department

Pre-registration for students does not guarantee their accommodation in the Spring Semester, and their accommodation will be confirmed in the accommodation cardex after the approval of the Dormitory Affairs Department.

During the break between the two semesters, none of the dormitory buildings will be closed, and students will remain responsible for all material and spiritual belongings. The Dormitory Affairs Department will not be responsible for any of these belongings.

If students encounter any problems during the pre-registration process, they can contact 66958016, extension 8.

Pre-registration instructional guide: