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A report on the celebration of the Teacher's Day ceremony and the signing of two major research agreements during the current week

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A report on the ceremony honoring the late Dr. "Moztarzadeh"
A ceremony honoring the late Dr. "Fathollah Mozaffarzadeh" was held with the presence of students, professors, staff of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, the family of the deceased, and prominent academic and university figures.
According to the Public Relations Office of Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Alireza Rahaei, in the commemoration ceremony of the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh, a pioneer professor of this university, elaborated on several aspects of his services and emphasized: Since the time they went to Germany for further studies and obtained their doctorate in that country from 1971 to 1978 and returned to the country, wherever they saw fit to offer their services, they were present and selflessly dedicated their scientific services to the country's scientific system.
He further stated: The late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh served as the President of Gilan University in 1979 and 1980, the Research Deputy of Shahid Beheshti University in 1981, the Research Deputy of Tarbiat Modares University during the same period, and the Head of the Materials and Energy Research Institute from 1984 to 2006. He was also a consultant to the Minister of Science, the Head of the Industry Commission of the Scientific Research Council of the country, the Deputy Minister of Science, the Head of the Industrial Research Institute, the Head of the Biomedical Engineering Planning Group in the Supreme Council of Higher Education Planning, a continuous member of the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country's top researcher in 1991, the country's exemplary professor in the same year, a lasting figure in the country in 2003, the recipient of the State Research Medal in 1996, the President of the Chemical Engineering Association, the editor-in-chief of the Industry and University Journal, a member of the editorial board of the Academy's journals, and so on, providing scientific services.
The Acting President of Amirkabir University of Technology noted: The late Mozaffarzadeh provided extensive services in various scientific centers, and wherever needed, they entered and became a source of blessing. This late professor also provided significant scientific services at Amirkabir University of Technology in the faculties of Chemical Engineering, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering.
Dr. Rahaei noted: Our dear professor utilized his scientific capabilities to provide scientific services. In addition to his academic activities, in areas related to the production of scientific products such as composites, colors, tissue engineering, nanomaterials, and others, they presented valuable contributions to the country's scientific community. We must strive to keep their memory alive in scientific gatherings, including at Amirkabir University of Technology.
The Acting President of Amirkabir University of Technology announced the naming of a hall in honor of the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh and stated: The memory of this pioneering professor should remain prominent in the scientific scene because he was a unique role model of dedication, effort, generating ideas and thoughts for solving the country's industrial problems in his specific field, as well as serving students and researchers interested in providing scientific services in various sectors of the country.

The Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology emphasized that the distinctive characteristics of the late Professor Mozaffarzadeh made him popular, stating that in his opinion, fewer of Dr. Mozaffarzadeh's key characteristics have been mentioned in the field of his academic activities, while these very characteristics made him popular.
Dr. Akbar Karkhaneh emphasized in the commemoration ceremony of the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh, the pioneering professor of this university, stating: The reality is that his passing occurred at a time when there was no opportunity for necessary coordination to hold a ceremony. Therefore, we felt obligated to hold a ceremony to express a small portion of the efforts he had made for Amirkabir University of Technology.
He further stated: There is much to be said about Dr. Mozaffarzadeh in the scientific and executive fields. In my opinion, fewer of Dr. Mozaffarzadeh's key characteristics have been mentioned in the field of his academic activities, and more attention is given to his executive activities.
The Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology recalled: I did not have many classes with the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh, but my acquaintance with this professor dates back 20 years. In fact, this great professor had special qualities that captivated us.
He emphasized: A cheerful spirit, open-mindedness, fearlessness in the face of difficulties and challenges, crisis management, problem-solving, hope for the future, inspiring students, and more were among the prominent characteristics of the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh. They paid attention to details while maintaining a broad perspective.
The former head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran stated: We need multiple role models like the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh in society. He was someone who combined science and religion, being both knowledgeable and ethical.
Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, in a commemoration ceremony for the late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh, emphasized: I don't want to attend a gathering where I feel the loss of a dear friend. I have had the privilege of knowing this late professor since the early days of the revolution, where he was active in the Islamic community as a university professor and later in the Ministry of Science.
He further emphasized the need for multiple role models in society, stating: The late Dr. Mozaffarzadeh was someone who combined science and religion. If we want to elevate religion and ethics in society based on our beliefs, we must be armed with knowledge and ethics. He was both knowledgeable and ethical.
The former head of the Atomic Energy Organization emphasized: With the knowledge I have of Dr. Mozaffarzadeh and the services he provided, they have a high position in that world because they were pure and served others. Therefore, their position in the Academy of Sciences is truly significant.
Salehi also referred to the virtue of knowledge from the perspective of the Quran, saying: God raises those who have faith. In every school of thought, scholars have a high position. Imam Ali (AS) said: Whoever respects a scholar, respects God. Or that you should show humility in front of someone you have sought knowledge from.
Salehi mentioned the issue of elite migration and the need for better policies to retain talented individuals. He also highlighted the inadequate initial salaries for faculty members and the lack of utilization of basic sciences as major problems in the country that need to be addressed.
This professor at Sharif University of Technology considered the lack of emphasis on basic sciences and the trend of everyone wanting to study medicine and engineering as significant challenges that require proper policymaking.