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Achieving the first rank in the best thesis by a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology.

 | Post date: 2024/05/11 | 
Achieving the first rank in the best thesis by a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology.
 The thesis of a graduate of Amirkabir University of Technology has obtained the first rank among national theses in the fields of technology and engineering.
According to the Public Relations Department of Amirkabir University of Technology, in the Festival of Demand-oriented Theses and Dissertations of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, the thesis of a researcher from Amirkabir University of Technology was selected as the top thesis in the technical and engineering group among all graduates in fields such as electrical engineering, architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, information technology, mining, and industries.
The title of this thesis is "Cybersecurity Risk Management of Cyber-Physical Systems with Mobile Target Defense," which was conducted by Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadian, a graduate of the Computer Engineering Department, under the guidance of Dr. Mehdi Shajari and Dr. Hamid Reza Shahriari, members of the faculty of Amirkabir University of Technology.
The increasing number of cyber-attacks in the past two decades, such as cyber-attacks on the fuel stations of our country in the years 1400 and 1402, has highlighted cybersecurity in critical infrastructures as a national necessity to increase production, reduce damages, enhance sustainability, and national security.
Despite the existence of multiple frameworks for managing cybersecurity risks in industrial control systems, there are various shortcomings and challenges in this area. This thesis proposes a framework to address these challenges. Some of the achievements of this award-winning thesis include:
- Addressing the needs of the country's critical infrastructure to reduce damages from cyber-attacks and consequently increase production (enhance sustainability and national security)
- Publishing an ISI article and receiving an official invitation to a prominent international conference (KICC 2023) in the field of the thesis for a special presentation as a keynote speaker with all travel and accommodation expenses covered
- Achieving the top national research rank and receiving an appreciation plaque from the Minister of Energy in the Research and Technology Festival of the Ministry of Energy in 1400 (under a contract with the Energy Research Institute)
- Signing a contract on the thesis topic with the Research and Technology Management of the National Iranian Oil Company
- Establishing a knowledge-based company, specifically in the field of the thesis, and obtaining a knowledge-based certificate for the first time in the country in this field
- Obtaining a certification in "Securing and Resilience of Industrial Systems, Infrastructures, and Services" from the Presidential Office for the first time in the country, as well as receiving a competency certificate in providing services in the field of industrial control system security from the Passive Defense Organization
- Conducting multiple projects (over 7 important projects) on the thesis topic with various industrial companies and organizations (as a registered company)
- Providing over 7000 hours of specialized training to industries and critical infrastructures in the country on the thesis topic
- Acceptance and presentation of a paper at the International Cryptography Society Conference in Iran
- Acceptance and publication of a scientific-promotional article in the scientific journal "Security of Production and Information Exchange Space"
- Submission of two other articles from the thesis outputs to two reputable ISI journals under review
- Authoring and translating three books on the thesis topic during the doctoral program
- Guiding thesis and dissertation students towards applied research and defining projects with industries to increase efficiency and help solve societal and industrial problems
Amirkabir University of Technology congratulates Dr. Ahmadian, the guiding professors of this award-winning thesis, and the Computer Engineering Department on achieving these successes.