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Publication of the book "Hydrodynamics of Trimaran Ships"

 | Post date: 2024/05/13 | 
Publication of the book "Hydrodynamics of Trimaran Ships"
The book "Hydrodynamics of Trimaran Ships" authored by Dr. Parviz Ghadimi and Dr. Amin Nazemian has been published by AmirKabir University of Technology Publications.

One of the long-standing desires of humans at sea is to present advanced designs to increase the speed of transportation in various commercial, military, and livelihood sectors, and to improve maritime operations. For this reason, with the growth of ship hull design technologies, optimization sciences, construction and production, design, and testing of ships, a field called trimaran ships has emerged in the maritime industries, especially in the last half-century.

This book focuses on the hydrodynamics of trimaran ships and has utilized various optimization methods in its design. Hydrodynamics of ships includes various topics such as hydrostatics, stability, maneuverability, resistance, etc., which generally examines the behavior of ships in the presence of environmental forces from the sea.

The structure of the book is designed in such a way that it can be used in marine engineering courses and shipbuilding.

Source: Publication.aut.ac.ir
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