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Report on the meeting of university officials with dormitory officials

 | Post date: 2024/05/13 | 
Report on the meeting of university officials with dormitory officials
 The meeting of university officials with dormitory officials was held on Monday, 23 Ordibehesht 1403 in the council room of Farabi Building.

Following is a summary of this meeting:
The chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology announced:
Serious attention to the cultural activities of student dormitories.
The chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology stated that the cultural management of student dormitories should become more active, adding: "We will allocate financial support to these activities and provide backing." According to the Public Relations Office of Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Alireza Rahaei emphasized during the meeting with the dormitory officials of the university that they faced significant financial challenges last year. He stated, "I can confidently say that Amirkabir University of Technology ranked last among all Tehran universities in terms of budget growth in 1402 compared to 1401. This is despite facing at least a 40% inflation rate last year, with around 36% of our budget being negative in most areas."
The chancellor further emphasized, "Last year, we were taken aback by our financial situation and did not anticipate such a difficult year. For example, we had spent two billion Tomans on purchasing dormitory beds, and by the end of the year, we were figuring out how to secure and pay off this amount, while also owing several billion Tomans to contractors." Rahaei noted, "Fortunately, with the good planning we implemented last year and the efforts made, we were able to overcome many of our problems. We hope that this year, with the approval of the 1403 budget, we will have a good financial opening."
The chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology referred to the student admission capacity of the university and added, "From 84 to 93, during my involvement in university activities, the capacity for admitting undergraduate students was 1000 students with a variance of 100 students more or less. However, today this number has increased to 1600 undergraduate students. As a result, 50% of dormitory student capacity has been added without any expansion or needs assessment being conducted."
Dr. Rahaei emphasized, "One of our serious concerns was reducing the density of dormitory rooms, which was in no way justifiable. Therefore, we have placed two initiatives at the forefront of our plans in this regard. First, students from our surrounding areas who were not a priority for dormitory allocation in the past should not be accommodated, and students can commute." He added, "The second plan in the dormitory area is to reach a balanced capacity. My estimate is that by the current month of Mehr, at least 200 or 300 students will have reduced their demand for accommodation in dormitories."

The chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology considered the cultural activities of the university as a top priority and stated, "Our students' cultural issues first arise in the dormitories and then extend to the university environment. Therefore, cultural problems and barriers to cultural activities must be resolved at any cost."
Referring to the responsibilities of dormitory officials in preventing incidents within these centers, the chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology stated: "They must help ensure that violations do not occur within the dormitories. We have had two inconsistencies in this regard. First, in the area of dormitory regulations, which should be under the supervision of the Student Affairs Vice Presidency. This means that they should not have a separate head and their functions should be defined by this area or vice presidency."
The chancellor emphasized that the framework of life in dormitory environments must be respected, stating: "An Amirkabir student has a distinct personality, understanding, and position. Students must maintain these three characteristics, and their dignity in this regard should not be compromised."
Regarding the cost of student affairs at Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Rahaei mentioned: "It was decided about two months ago to revise the expenses, and two weeks ago the decision was made, which will have a more acceptable framework."
Dr. Rahaei also noted: "We are working to provide 30 to 40 laundry machines, vacuum cleaners, and irons to dormitories."
Regarding the efforts to improve the quality of food for students, Dr. Rahaei stated: "For this purpose, we can offer several models. For example, in some universities, the raw materials are provided by the university and handed over to the contractor. The second model is where some universities cook the food themselves, and ultimately, we have outsourced all activities."
The chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology considered student nutrition as one of the most important expense items for the university, adding: "For future contracts in the field of nutrition, we are trying to increase the significance of food quality and improvement."
Dr. Rahaei mentioned the international dormitories of Amirkabir University of Technology and stated: "Measures will be taken to renovate the dormitories, which will be carried out after the students' exams."
He also announced the university's plan to build married student dormitories, stating: "This plan will be implemented this summer."
Dr. Rahaei emphasized that the university's budget situation will be better compared to last year, stating: "With the official announcement of the university budget, we can observe improvements in the situation of student dormitories."
He also emphasized that under no circumstances should students residing in Tehran be accommodated in the dormitories, adding: "If there is a case, we will follow up on it. We must have a systematic approach for guest students in dormitories when the capacities are limited."
Regarding the provision of married student dormitories compared to single student dormitories, he stated: "This issue has a multiplier coefficient. However, this does not mean that we want to evade providing for it. We are pursuing this, and if the facilities promised by officials are allocated, we can build married student dormitories. This summer, we will also build a married student dormitory with the support of a benefactor."
The vice chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs of Amirkabir University of Technology announced that the capacity of the September admissions to this university is decreasing. This indicates an increase in competition for admission to Amirkabir University of Technology and an increase in the difficulty of accepting new students. This shows the importance of having talent and ability to enter this university and indicates an increase in the level of quality and diversity of students at Amirkabir University of Technology.
The vice chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs of Amirkabir University of Technology stated that the capacity of September admissions to this university is decreasing. He emphasized that precise planning has been carried out this year to reduce the intake capacity of the university in order to improve the conditions in the dormitories.
Dr. Mehrdad Saviz, in a meeting with the officials of the university dormitories, highlighted that the shortage of student dormitory space at Amirkabir University of Technology is due to the high density of admissions to the university. He mentioned that the university does not have precise control over the number of new admissions, and the Educational Assessment Organization of the country makes decisions in this regard.
He further stated that based on the planning conducted this year, the intake capacity for September admissions to Amirkabir University of Technology will decrease to allow the dormitories to breathe. Saviz also reminded that the purchase of consumables for the university will now be done by the Vice chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs, emphasizing the need to strengthen the information system in the student domain of the university.
The vice chancellor stressed the importance of conducting repairs in the university dormitories and mentioned that monthly sessions are held to address and prioritize the issues in the dormitories, with the budget being approved in these sessions.
Saviz emphasized that dormitory officials should declare their cultural plans in line with the university's cultural sphere so that the necessary budgets can be allocated.
He also announced the launch of several elevators in the dormitory centers of Amirkabir University of Technology, stating that the primary priority of the vice chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs is to address repairs, renovations, and welfare facilities in the dormitories. He expressed his willingness to visit various dormitories in the coming weeks to outline the priorities of the programs in this area.
At the end of the ceremony, plaques were presented to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of the dormitory officials.