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Launching the Energy Economics major at Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2024/06/9 | 
Launching the Energy Economics major at Amirkabir University of Technology
Amirkabir University of Technology is striving to position itself as a premier institution for energy education within the country. In alignment with this strategic objective and the ongoing development initiatives of the Faculty of Management, Science, and Technology, the introduction of the "Energy Economics" program at the Master's level marks a significant milestone for the university. Dr. Mehdi Majidpour, the Dean of the Faculty of Management, Science, and Technology, emphasized the pressing challenges the nation faces concerning the imbalance between energy supply and demand across various carriers like gas, electricity, gasoline, and diesel. This disparity, as indicated by official data, is projected to escalate in the foreseeable future.
Addressing these issues effectively requires not only the training but also the active involvement of top talents and experts in shaping energy policy and economics. Dr. Majidpour stressed the pivotal role that academic institutions, such as Amirkabir University of Technology, should play in proactively addressing these challenges within the energy sector.
Acknowledging the limitations faced by knowledge-based energy companies to engage fully in the sector currently, Dr. Majidpour highlighted the need for comprehensive planning and strategic interventions to rectify the historical inadequacies that have led to the existing energy imbalances. These imbalances not only have adverse economic ramifications but also profound implications for the environment, public health, and energy security of the nation.
Dr. Rahai, the university chancellor, commended the collective efforts and support towards these endeavors, reiterating the university's commitment to establishing itself as a key player in the energy domain. The launch of the Energy Economics program at the Master's level signifies a significant step in this direction, with the program set to welcome its first cohort of students from Mehr 1403 onwards.
Furthermore, collaboration with faculties such as Physics, Energy Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering demonstrates the interdisciplinary approach adopted by Amirkabir University of Technology to enrich not only its educational offerings but also its research initiatives. This concerted effort aims to equip students and researchers with the necessary tools and knowledge to address the multifaceted challenges present in the energy sector and contribute meaningfully to its sustainable development.