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Biomedical Engineering

 | Post date: 2019/06/10 | 
The first step for establishing the Biomedical Engineering Department was taken in 1987 when a biomedical engineering laboratory was set up in the Electrical Engineering Department to pursue a project for the development of a cybernetic hand. As activities in this field developed, and in order to meet the growing needs of the society in this area, in 1992 the first independent Biomedical Engineering Department in Iran was established at the university offering a choice of studies in three fields: bioelectronics, biomechanics and biomaterials, leading to the degrees of M.Sc. and Ph.D. The department began accepting students for a B.Sc. course in medical engineering in 1995. Besides, Virtual Education programs in Medical Information and Communications Technology has been organized for M.Sc. Students in 2004. Currently, the department enjoys the collaboration of21 academic staff to carry a total of 900 full time students. The objective of this department is to provide students with the knowledge of both engineering and medical programs, together with specialist skills in applications of engineering related to medical diagnostic and treatment procedures. With such a background, a wide range of employment opportunities in such areas of design, operation and maintenance of diagnostic tools in hospitals are available for graduates. They are also called upon to give technical advice in the selection and purchase of medical equipment, to assist medical staff in the optimal use of medical equipment and in the technical and engineering management of hospitals, and to co¬operate in medical research projects.Download