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Mining Engineering

 | Post date: 2019/06/11 | 
Department of Mining Engineering is one of the oldest mining institutes in Iran, established in 1973. This department has strong links with mining industries and enjoys friendly, very active and pleasant atmosphere so that, many of the graduates are regular visitors who actively take part in social events held in this department. Presently, about 512 undergraduate and postgraduate students are studying in various fields of mining. The department offers B.Sc. in different areas such as mining exploitation, and mining exploration. At the graduate level mineral exploitation, mineral exploration, rock mechanics, and mineral processing are offered. Currently, the department enjoys collaboration of over 20 academic staff members. With respect to the importance of mineral industry in long term and short term developments of the country, the graduates play important roles in supplying raw and refined materials, food and defense industries, welfare affairs (i.e. building, cloths, road, bridge, machinery, ... ), agriculture, dam construction, energy generation and so on.