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Petroleum Engineering

 | Post date: 2019/06/11 | 

The Department of Petroleum Engineering was founded in 2002 in respond to the needs of the oil industry to practical experts in this field of study. Following its establishment, the first B.Sc. students started their course of studies in 2004. Also, at M.Sc. level, courses in oil exploitation, oil exploration, and hydrocarbon engineering have been established at the Departments of Chemical and Mining Engineering which are planned to transfer to this department in near future. Currently, the department has provided scholarship for ten Ph.D. students in exploitation, exploration, and hydrocarbon engineering to answer its future development. International Branch International branch had been established in 2003 at Amirkabir University as a center for a collaborative program with University of Birmingham, UK. This unit offers Bachelor and Master Honor Degrees in several engineering fields with different majors, namely mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, and biomedical engineering. The official instruction language is English and all course syllabuses and regulations are in line with what presently is offered by university of Birmingham. Duration periods are 3 years for BEng degrees and 4Yeard for MEng degrees. In all programs, the first 2 years are spent atAmirkabir University of Technology of Iran and the remaining years at the University of Birmingham, UK.