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Mechanical Engineering

 | Post date: 2019/06/11 | 
The Mechanical Engineering Department began its activities in 1958 at the B.Sc. level. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses were started later in 1971 and 1990, respectively. The department offers B.Sc. in production and manufacturing and mechanical engineering. Also, M.Sc. studies in the three fields of applied mechanics, energy conversion and production and manufacturing can be pursued and continued to Ph.D. Today the department is truly a national and international department with over 40 academic staff and 800 students who are studying in undergraduate and graduate levels. Teaching is by means of lectures, laboratory classes and tutorials. The studies familiarize with the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Basic sciences are also taught and practical experience is gained in the workshops and laboratories. Therefore, the high quality graduates with fundamental knowledge and practical skill are expected to involve in different industrial activities and team works. The department has contracts with the governmental sectors and individual industries to serve projects. The faculty members of this department are also very active in the area of publications. Every year their papers are published in respective domestic or international journals, or accepted for presentation at international and domestic conferences.