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Maritime Engineering

 | Post date: 2019/06/11 | 
Department of Marine Technology was found in September 1986. The department has two branches, one in the AUT campus and the other in the Bandar Abbas city which is one of the major sea ports of Iran in the Persian Gulf. After spending 2 years in AUT, the students are supposed to complete their education in Bandar Abbas, for the next 2 years. With its lecture halls, publication offices, refectory, laboratories, book shops, conference hall, administration department, computer center, audio-visual section, library and study rooms, the department carries approximately 400 students at the B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels to provide professionals for marine industry and research centers. With a well-known teaching staff of 12, the department offers B.Sc. courses in marine engineering and naval architecture, M.Sc. courses in naval architecture (structure, hydro mechanical) and offshore structures, and PhD courses in sea engineering. The department has successfully expanded its research activities in the fields of ship structure, hydrodynamics and hydrostatics. Research at this department is mainly based on scientific collaboration with universities outside the country. In 1986, links were set up with the Technical University of Gdansk in Poland for the training of students at the postgraduate level in naval architecture and marine engineering, and still continue. Through high quality experience and knowledge which exist in this department, the graduates have secured their jobs as expertise in design and construction at marine and ship industries or consultant companies .