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Production of Nanogenerators for Medical Applications and Smart Textile Production at AUT

 | Post date: 2019/12/25 | 
According to the AUT’s public relations office; Dr. Parisa Fakhri, the principal investigator of the project, referred to the focus of industrial and academic centers on the preparation and use of smart materials and said: Piezoelectric materials are among these smart materials with unique properties. This property was first discovered in ceramics; however, due to its disadvantages such as being brittle and fragile its application has been limited, because ceramic brittleness makes them useless for long and large vibrational movements.
In the nanogenerator developed at AUT flexible PVDF polymer and zinc oxide nanorods have been used. The presence of these two material together has increased the piezoelectric and flexibility properties. Meanwhile, the use of Electrospinning technology has reduced the production process and cost of this nanostructure.