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Department of Physical Education

 | Post date: 2019/06/17 | 
AUT has a sports complex which includes a multipurpose hall for sports (indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball), soccer field, tennis halls, gyms, aerobics hall, shooting hall, swimming pool, sauna and hot tub. Also, since 2013, a private ladies lounge has been established for the exclusive use of women’s sporting activities like aerobics, yoga and etc. In addition, a public sporting hall started operating in 2012 in which till now, table tennis classes and roller blading classes have been held. Every department at AUT has its own sporting team in various fields. There is a university team of students, faculty and staff that has won national championships, including third place in soccer matches and karate among other universities in Iran. Moreover, a Sports Science Laboratory was established by AUT’s president and the Dean of Biomedical Engineering Department in 2011.
The Department of Physical Education has been created under the auspices of the Vice Chancellor of Cultural and Student Affairs with the aims of improving health, vitality, and dynamism of the academic community.
The duties of this Department are as follows:
  1. Conducting sports classes
  2. Planning and sending students to sports competitions
  3. Planning to create a happy and entertaining environment for the physical and mental health of the academic community
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Department of Physical Education Head of the Physical Education Department Dr. Ashraf Amini The Physical Department Bldg. Next to the Farabi Bldg. Amirkabir University of Technology, Rasht Ave. Hafez Ave. Tehran 64542793
Sports Expert Ms. Pantea Mahmoudzade 64542794
Mr. Abbas Alahyari Beldaji
Mr. Hasan Najafi
Ms. Zahra Roozbahani
Mr. Keyvan Moradian
Mr. Mohammad Farzam
Fitness Instructor Mr. Hosein Mobini 64545038
Building Manager Mr. Kambiz Mohammad Ali Poor 64542794
Financial Manager, responsible for the system of automated sporting facilities Mr. Amin Alizade
Office Manager, Public Relations Ms. Hadis Pazoki 64542793
Head of Laboratory of Sport Sciences Mr. Seyed Khalil Mirahmadi 64542274
Services Mr. Mohammad Reza Davtalab 64543139
Day Sales Manager of Automation Systems for Sports Facilities Ms. Sakine Ahmadi
Public Affairs Officer Mr. Arash Azizi