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University Council

 | Post date: 2019/06/23 | 

University council 

The university council is the second in power in the university’s legislative authority, after the board of trustees, which sets the current policies and plans for the university based on the grander policies set by the board of trustees or other superior authorities.
University council’s structure:
  • Members of the board of directors
  • Presidents of the departments and research facilities
  • Two faculty members from each specialized council such as the education council, council for graduate studies, research council, student council and etc. as selected by the respective council and the university president
  • Two faculty members with the title of associate professor selected by the university president.
  • Directing the council is the responsibility of the university president.
  • The membership of each council member lasts for two years.
Responsibilities and empowerments:
  • General assessment of the university’s functionality
  • Analysis and ratification of new courses and programs and their scheduling as to be presented to the proper authorities for approval 
  • Analysis and ratifying of laws in order to cooperate with governmental and private  universities and institutes both domestic and international whilst adhering to regulations 
  • Analysis and confirmation of the departments’ student acceptance systems 
  • Annual analysis of  the university’s scientific facilities (personnel and equipment) and determining any shortcomings and tapering the needs and taking the required steps to satisfy them 
  • Analysis and ratifying of proposed short term educational and research plans
  • Referring some university matters for analysis assertion to one of the specialized councils
  • Codifying and ratifying internal bylaws and its sub-committees