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Garmsar Campus

 | Post date: 2019/06/23 | 


Driving from Tehran in the southeast direction in the highway for just 90 kilometers you will reach the city of Garmsar,  the capital of Garmsar historic CountySemnan ProvinceIran. It is a unique city with a population of 100,000, located in the edge of a vast desert but it has various beautiful typical Iranian-gardens and many salt mines and minerals, with seven institutes of higher education, including Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) Garmsar Campus, the most prestigious one.
Well-known AUT, with more than nine decades experiences in higher education in engineering, for the advancement of science and technology and the implementation of research and development programs established Garmsar Campus on the February 2011 ( Bahman 1389). The first group of accepted graduates was in the Master programs in the fields of industrial, computer, civil and mechanical engineering. At present, the students are studying the minor in geo-technics of civil engineering, the minor in system optimization of industrial engineering and computer system architecture. Up to 2019, in this campus, 932 individuals have completed the graduate programs, 245 were regular, and 687 were completed the program by E-learning.
The campus is located inside the town; included classes, library, reading halls, computer sites, fully equipped gymnasium and restaurant that make a quiet and fully desired space for the student activities. The library of the Garmsar campus is keeping numerous printed and electronic books that are accessible to the students. The library also has the borrowing system that can borrow books from AUT main campus. The campus has an up-to-date computer site equipped with educational technologies, internet, and two geotechnical and hardware specialized laboratories. The geotechnical laboratory is well equipped, and it can be used for various soil mechanic and soil dynamic tests. In addition to the student tesearchs in the laboratory, it can provides all-sort of services to the related industries in the field of soil mechanics that is an opportunity for the cooperation with the industries. Digital circuits are designed and implemented in hardware and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) laboratories. In this laboratory, all sort of digital circuits such as computational, intelligent, and coding circuits are designed and implemented.
Garmsar campus carries more than 90 years of AUT experience in teaching and research in technical fields, and it is in the process of optimization and publicizing of solar-energy for electricity production.   It has effective and continuous cooperation with free- duty-specialized economic sector of Garmsar and the department of building and mine engineering codes. It is hopped with the mercy of God and rely on the knowledge and the efforts of young graduates, the campus can resolve scientific and technical problems of the Garmsar county and Semnan province. 

Address:  Shahid  Shadloo  Street,  Motahari    Blvd.   Garmsar,  Iran 
Phone:023  34241812,  023-  34239530-3, Fax:    023-34226467
 E-Mail:  pardisgarmsaraut.ac.ir