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Meeting of Mining Experts at the Amirkabir University of Technology

 | Post date: 2020/02/1 | 
Mining Experts Meeting at Amir Kabir University of Technology... Here is a look at what happened:
The president of the university emphasized:
The purpose of Amirkabir University of Technology is to play an effective role in meeting the needs of industries

The University's Vice Chancellor for Research emphasized:
Vice-Chancellor for Research at Amirkabir University of Technology, stating that the university's policy is to engage effectively with various industries in the country, said: “R&D Offices and technology and innovation centers of some industries and banks have been set up at the university."
Chief Executive Officer of IMIDRO announced:
Chairperson of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) said: Amirkabir University of Technology is going to formulate a future plan for this organization.
According to Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Khodadad Gharibpour, at a meeting of the country's mining experts at Amirkabir University of Technology, stated: "IMIDRO is looking for effective communication with Iranian universities."