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The President of Amirkabir University of Technology Has Announced: Launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center Named After the Martyred Students of the Plane Incident

 | Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
AUT president stated: The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is planning to launch an AI center in the name of the student martyrs in collaboration with the three Amirkabir University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology and Tehran University. As reported by AUT’s Public Relations Office, Dr. Seyed Ahmad Motamedi stated: "The Minister of Communication and Information Technology has suggested that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) center be set up and named after the student martyrs of the Ukrainian aircraft incident in memory of the graduates from these top 3 universities who had been on the plane.” Thus, the presidents of the three Sharif University of Technology, Tehran University and Amirkabir University of Technology were invited to discuss how the center will operate.
AUT president stated: “The headquarters of the AI center will be at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology and branches of the center will be located within the perimeters of the three universities.”
Dr. Motamedi further mentioned that: “Amirkabir University of Technology is very strong in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with approximately 100 of its faculty members working in this area and there are groups active in the university under the title of Artificial Intelligence.”
He went on to mention that: "With the launch of this center, AUT can work very strongly in this field because the university has a supercomputer and is also seeking to design and create a second supercomputer."
AUT president said: "The incident was a tragic accident for all Iranians and many of the people on board were students studying abroad, so this incident was extremely damaging to the country.”
He further mentioned that: “Since the accident, the university administration tried to actively deal with the incident and sympathize with families of the victims of the incident, and we participated in the funeral and mourning ceremonies of the university's graduates who died in the accident. Hereafter, we should all make efforts in way of easing this great grief as much as possible for the families of the martyrs.”