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The 18th Conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society Commenced its Work with the Presence of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development

 | Post date: 2020/02/15 | 
The 18th conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society began its work.
Dr. Alireza Jahangiriyan, the secretary of the 18th Iranian Aerospace Society Conference, said that: “After the secretariat announced the start of submission for papers, the conference received 300 full papers.” He further stated that: “After reviewing all these papers, 145 papers were selected for oral presentation and 97 papers were chosen for presentation as posters.
Referring to the acceptance of 145 papers submitted to the secretariat of the conference, he stated that: “Out of all the submitted papers, 58 papers were in the field of Aerodynamics, 42 papers were in the field of Propulsion, 47 papers were in the field of Flight Dynamics & Control, 59 papers were in the field of Air Structures, 28 papers were in the field of Space Technology and 8 papers were in the field of Aerospace Management.”
Dr. Jahangiriyan criticized the low number of papers submitted in the field of Space Technology Management and noted that: “During recent months, we have witnessed unfortunate events due to system and software issues, and it seems that the time has come for universities to provide management and systematic courses for students alongside technical courses, especially for aerospace students, in order to enable them to become more comprehensive in this field in the future.”
An AUT faculty member announced 25 knowledge-based companies active in the field of aerospace science were present at the conference and noted: “An exhibition displaying the achievements of active companies, 3 gatherings and 20 educational workshops are among the programs of this conference.”